Mixed Bag of Books


When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit … by Judith Kerr

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Anna, a nine-year-old girl thinks one must have a difficult childhood in order to become famous. She is about to qualify for greatness if that is the test, because her family becomes refugees, fleeing from Hitler. They are Jewish, although not religious, and her father is a writer who speaks out against the regime. When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit is a diary of the family's travels to Switzerland, France, and finally England. It is a gentle story of this difficult time, and details the struggles of leaving behind all material goods, adapting to different cultures, and learning French.


The White Deer … by James Thurber c. 1945

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I found this recommendation on the Internet; author John Updike said it was a book he loved as a teenager. It was … not what I expected, but we had fun reading it aloud. It was chock full of alliteration, musical language, and some of the humor reminded me of the Marx Brothers. It is a silly summer story you will enjoy, about a king, an amnesiac princess, a dwarf and three princes.


My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

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This is a great book to read if your children enjoy dressing up in army fatigues and exploring nature, but may not have much opportunity to do so. It is the story of a thirteen-year-old "nature boy" who spends a year living in a burned out tree. I read this book when I was a teen, and although I don't agree with the premise of his "running away" now that I'm a parent, I still think it is a wonderful book. It is especially good for reluctant readers around eleven years of age, or children who complain of being bored.dummy.jpg (631 bytes)

More Nature Book Selections

Books by Ernest Thompson Seton, recommended by a writer friend of mine, reviews to come.

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