Here is an author who I met when I was a child. He used to come to C.R.A.B.s (Children Raving About Books), a discussion group at the Oxon Hill Public Library. I've become re-acquainted with Lloyd Alexander this year; I read the Vesper Holly Series, I looked up his autobiography (My Love Affair With Music), and the charming biography of his wife (Janine is French) and I began corresponding with him. When I wrote him about our web site, he offered the following encouragement:

I've become more and more convinced that reading aloud -- parents to children or vice versa -- is one of the most loving and nurturing things that any family can do. Good things come from it, they really do.

...Lloyd Alexander

The Vesper Holly Series     by Lloyd Alexander

Imagine traveling to mythical countries with Miss Vesper Holly, a sixteen year old who "has the digestive talents of a goat and the mind of a chessmaster."  All Miss Holly's journeys have innocent beginnings, such as when she crosses the world to return an ancient library book or wants to attend the Grand Duchess of  Drackenberg's diamond jubilee celebration. Of course, Vesper Holly never travels alone; her bumbling guardian, Philadelphian (as in Pennsylvania) Professor Brinton Garrett is by her side, ready to be dragged through jungles and prisons for her sake.  And you can count on their foil, the mad intellectual-gone-astray, Dr. Helvetius, to make an appearance.

Rachel, my daughter, was enamored with Vesper Holly, the practically perfect teenager (she's a might too headstrong for me!).  Lloyd Alexander's elegant writing style, imaginative lands, and fast moving plots impressed me. I could only identify with Vesper's guardian, "Brinnie",  who was charming, but a bit of a windbag!

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The Prydain Chronicles     by Lloyd Alexander

The Prydain Chronicles have inspired a spirit of courage and honor in all who have read them.  With only a background in assistant pig keeping, our main character, Taran, is unexpectedly flung into a series of adventures that continue through these five stimulating novels.  Lloyd Alexander received the Newbery Medal for The High King. dummy.jpg (631 bytes)

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