Swallows and Amazons       by Arthur Ransome

Related Topics: Sailing, Wildcat Island, Camping, British Lake District, Pirates, Monkeys, Parrots, Flag Signals, Tea Time

Meet four British children -- the Walkers -- the intrepid explorers who expertly navigate their sailboat, the Swallow. Join the colorful and equally sea worthy Blackett sisters (the Amazon Pirates) and spend summer vacation camping and exploring Wildcat Island. From the captains, John and Nancy (around 14 years old), down to Roger, the Ship's Boy, all are adventuresome and imaginative. They survive nighttime sailing and a torrential storm. Of course, they never miss tea time, with pemmican sandwiches or other goodies.

This series appeals to all ages; we loved reading them aloud.  Swallows and Amazons enchanted us, we were as disappointed as the Walkers when they shipwrecked in Swallowdale (they were resourceful and had a great summer anyway), and Peter Duck was an exciting tale of buried pirate treasure.

The Swallows and Amazon series motivated me to learn to sail! The message "BETTER DROWNED THAN DUFFERS IF NOT DUFFERS WON'T DROWN" is for you too. Don't be a duffer, check out these books. Swallows & Amazons Forever!

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