The Betsy-Tacy Books       by Maud Hart Lovelace

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Travel to Mankato, Minnesota and grow up with Betsy Ray, from meeting best friend, Tacy, at age five, through her marriage to high school sweetheart and writer, Joe.  You will fall in love with Betsy, her friends, and her ever -present imagination.

The Betsy-Tacy books are great for nostalgia buffs. First published in 1940, they made our family yearn for years past, when children were imaginative in play, vaudeville was going strong, the auto was first appearing, and teenagers, well, they gathered in gangs to sing together!

 Sunday nights were hopping at the Ray house, with the gang singing 'round the piano and Betsy's dad frying onion sandwiches. Life was filled with music; dance cards were filled with schottisches, two-steps and waltzes. Some things don't seem dated, such as the school escapades where few actually read the assigned Ivanhoe or when Betsy's science project of dried leaves is accomplished the night before it is due. But how about this? Betsy's father owned a shoe store in town. The Ray family employed a live-in cook and housekeeper even though Mrs. Ray did not work outside the home. Those were the days, my friend.


From when Betsy is 5 years old through her pre-teen years:

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Books from high school days and beyond (the first four books below were based on Maud Hart Lovelace's high school diaries):dummy.jpg (631 bytes)